In the strange and challenging times we currently find ourselves in, it is likely now more than ever that most of us will appreciate nature, being outdoors and the feelings of wellbeing it can create. Many of us are using online platforms such as Zoom or telephone counselling due to current Covid-19 restrictions, however walking therapy can provide a therapeutic alternative to this.

What is it ?

Walking therapy is an alternative to face to face counselling in the therapy room so instead of talking in a more static indoor environment it involves walking and talking together side by side outdoors. It is widely accepted that exercise can improve our overall mood as well as help reduce stress and anxiety. This is probably more necessary now than anytime we may have experienced. The links between physical activity and wellbeing are well documented and it is thought that moving outside within nature can free the mind from feeling stuck as well as the body system.

Nick Totton, a person-centred therapist and author of “Wild Therapy”, suggests:

“…there is something very powerful simply in the realisation that the ground right under our feet is full of its own life, energy and significance.”

What to expect ?

During Covid-19 restrictions:

We will have the first session on Zoom or telephone to meet and explore whether walking therapy is appropriate or whether an online platform is preferable and more practical.

Prior to the first session we can check in to determine :

  • Whether you or your household are experiencing Covid symptoms
  • Whether there are any physical issues which may need to be considered
  • To obtain some basic details such as an emergency contact number
  • To plan what we will do if we meet people we know

If we decide to go ahead then we will arrange a venue such as Norfolk Park, (which is a beautiful and usually fairly quiet park with nearby parking) where we can meet to walk and talk for an hour. We can walk at your own pace where possible and can sit down for some of the session if helpful or desirable and of course where confidentiality can be maintained. The session will be led by you and how you feel on the day and we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have at our initial online session.