How much does it cost?

£50 per hour session (Face-to-face, Telephone & Walking Therapy)

£45 per hour session (Online)

How do I pay?

You are asked to pay by electronic bank transfer or a cheque made payable to your counsellor on the day of the session.

If you are unable to attend your session please call your counsellor as soon as possible and at least 24 hours in advance of our session time.

If you do not do this, the full session cost will normally be payable.

How many sessions can I have?

Appointments are for one hour and usually take place on a weekly basis but you may agree to see your counsellor more or less than this depending on your circumstances. Regular attendance is encouraged and will help ensure you make progress.

The number of sessions is up to you but as a guide, the average number of sessions is between six and 10. Your counsellor may suggest a certain number of sessions to begin with or you may wish to leave this open-ended depending on the progress of the work. Our counsellors conduct regular reviews with clients so you can understand what you are committing to.
If you would like to end your counselling sessions at any point that is entirely up to you. If you have been working with your counsellor for a while it can be helpful to have an ending session.

Client Notes:

Your Tree of Life counsellor may make notes after sessions to remember details. All notes have no identifying information and are kept securely and safely.

Do you offer online and phone counselling?

Yes we do. Janine and Elise have undertaken additional training in online and telephone counselling. Our preferred online platforms are either Google Meet or Zoom which generally work well and are the closest thing to face to face counselling.

Need help?

If you are unfamiliar with Google Meet or Zoom we can help set this up for you prior to your first session.